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Cemetery services

  • The organisation of a burial with the placing of the coffin in a grave or tomb
  • Leave the funeral worries to us and let us be your support

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Cemetery services and the organisation of a burial

The organisation of a burial with the placing of the coffin in a grave or tomb involves a number of varied tasks. ELPIS Funeral Directors offer a solution to everything you may need.

  • Digging the grave including the dismantling and erection of monuments
  • Opening and sealing of tombs
  • Scattering and pouring the ashes in line with the client’s wishes
  • Stonemasonery - inscriptions, additions of names or the sale of the whole graves
  • Placing of urns in their final resting place
  • Contacts for priests, public speakers and musicians
  • Contacts for arranging funeral receptions

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### Placing of the coffin in a grave or tomb

We can assist you in your choice of final resting place.

Should you already have such a place, you will need to bring your rental agreement to us. We arrange for the placing of the coffin within the grave or tomb by our own authority or in cooperation with the cemetery administration. We can arrange decorative adornment of the grave or tomb, an artificial lawn around the place of burial, etc. We have a wide selection of representative as well as standard coffins intended for graves or tombs (metal coffins or coffins from hardwood).

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Scattering of the ashes

The piety act of placing the remains of the deceased after the cremation will be ascertained by employees of ELPIS Funeral Directors themselves or in conjunction with the cemetery administration.

You can have the ashes scattered in the gardens of remembrance, pour the ashes into a pre-prepared hollow at your chosen spot or in the place specially designated for this purpose in the cemetery. The hollow is then covered with soil and grass or else with an epitaph plate.

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### Placing of the urn in its final resting place

If you would like to keep the cinerary urn at the cemetery, we will be pleased to let you have it placed in the columbarium, in the urn vault or grave.

Naturally, the urn with the cremated remains of your loved one may be stored in a family grave or tomb. If you wish we will store the urn at your domicile. To this end we offer to arrange the bidding farewell to the deceased, for which we bring the urn to its place of rest and arrange a dignified ceremony of farewell in the presence of the urn.

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