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Treatment of the deceased

We will arrange for you to arrange the last farewell for the deceased person.

Treatment of the deceased

Our certified and highly trained staff use all the most modern methods and technologies in the treatment of the deceased.

The aim is to make the deceased appear in the best possible light, as if the person were peacefully asleep.

We endeavour to make the final adjustments in line with the individual wishes of those ordering the funeral. All these services take place in our own modern facilities.

Should the bereaved need, for whatever reason, to postpone their final farewell ceremony, this presents no problem for us. We place the deceased in a special freezer until such time as the funeral takes place.

ELPIS Funeral Directors pride themselves on the dignified handling and the superior care given to the deceased. That is why we ask the bereaved to provide us with a photograph of the deceased for the most dignified farewell possible.

The treatment of the deceased includes

Placing of the deceased in a refrigeration facility or freezer

Superior hygienic provision

Minor reconstructions following accidents or post-mortems

Dressing into clothes or shroud (funeral shirt)

Thanatopraxy (conservation)

Embalming (full embalming)

Superior hygienic provision

Should you wish to bid farewell to the deceased in an open coffin, we would recommend you avail yourself of the superior hygienic provision, for which the team of workers at ELPIS Funeral Directors is certified.

This modern method of providing for the deceased is founded on the special cosmetic and physiological treatment of the entire body of the deceased, most especially the face and hands. The aim is to make the deceased to appear to be peacefully sleeping.



Bring the clothes you want to use for the funeral to us at our office.

Should you be unable to supply any appropriate clothing, we will dress the deceased in a funeral shirt (shroud), or buy suitable clothing.


Embalming / thanatoprax conservation

This is a method of treatment of the deceased, which is used in cases when the deceased’s body is to be exposed for several weeks after death at room temperature without need to cool it.

This is done by injecting the body of the deceased with special preservative fluids. After undergoing such treatment the process of posthumous changes to the deceased’s body slow down or cease altogether. Certain countries require embalming if the deceased is being transferred abroad.

The display of the deceased’s body, or the opening of the coffin before or during the ceremony, is carried out by our staff in accordance with the laws and regulations prevailing in the Czech Republic.