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Pre-paid funerals

  • Funeral according to your wishes
  • For peace of mind, which is why i have already

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Pre-paid funerals

  • Do you require a guarantee that your own funeral will follow your wishes?
  • Are you living alone?
  • Do you have concerns that the relatives will not arrange the funeral according to your wishes or will use the funds for other purposes?
  • Do you not want to burden your relatives by having to arrange your last farewell, in both a psychological and financial sense?
  • Do you not trust the state to inter you with dignity, even if you have sufficient financial means? 

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, a pre-paid funeral from ELPIS Funeral Directors is definitely for you.

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Not only for the lonely

A pre-paid funeral is of interest to those who live on their own and have no-one to turn to with a request to arrange a funeral and final resting place for them and who do not want to be buried like a socially anonymous case in a communal grave at the state’s expense.

This arrangement may also be sought after by those who, although having their next of kin, are however concerned that the latter will not arrange for them a farewell according to their expectations, or else would use the funds for other purposes rather than to fulfil their last wishes. Finally, there are people who like to decide on such matters themselves and do not wish to burden their loved ones with their own wishes, either in terms of time or mone.


How you plan it...

How you plan it... … so it will be. A pre-paid funeral will ensure you a final farewell as you would like it to be.

The process is the same as when ordering a standard funeral: the choice of location including the details of the farewell, the coffin or casket including its furnishings, floral tributes, deciding whether a speech or other message is to be heard and the form of the funeral including the placing of the coffin or urn in its final resting place. You should decide how you want the obituary and funeral notice to read and whom the funeral director should inform of your demise. The imagination has no limits - you can even think of surprises for your nearest and dearest which may make their grief easier to bear.


Less stress, more joy

One of the greatest benefits of a pre-paid funeral is the fact that the family comes to one that is already virtually organised and they is not burdened by worry and pressure in the earliest moments of their grief.

In recent times people often do not want a sad funeral service of the traditional mourning kind, but prefer a farewell in the manner of a celebration of a life. In addition, if you do not wish to have a standard type of funeral, nobody can say that you did not exactly want it like that when all has been worked out in advance. And it can also be a private funeral, that is a family farewell attended only by members of the family and maybe some invited colleagues and friends.


Why not from an insurance company?

This service can also be partially arranged through an insurance company. However, this method has its drawbacks.

In the main the insurance company will provide the finance but not the realization and execution of the funeral. It will unlikely know of all the possibilities, it does not have the relevant experience, as opposed to a funeral counsellor who arranges funerals with the bereaved in their most difficult times. An insurance company only sets the final sum which often does not meet the wishes for a final farewell and does not take into account possible price increases in the future. In addition the bereaved will only receive any financial settlement after the issuing of the death certificate, often months after the funeral, for which they must put up their own money. This is not the case of a pre-paid funeral, which has naturally already been paid.

Also by instalments  

It is possible to pay for this service up-front in a lump sum or spread the cost by paying instalments over a period of years.

You can rely on us as we have over 25 years experience and thousands of interments, a company such as ours gives its name to the services it offers and places emphasis on the satisfied customer.

You may still plan your own funeral with ELPIS Funeral Directors including its funding during your lifetime, which you can pay off in one lump-sum or by instalments. According to your own desire you may decide on the manner of your funeral, the place of your farewell or a simple cremation. You will choose the clothes for your final journey, tell us whom we ought to inform about your demise, whom to invite to the funeral, what will need to be arranged, to whom should we entrust your beloved pet, all this we can help you with and prepare your will. In addition to the above, you can instruct us what to do with the urn, to whom we should pass it on, where to perform any scattering of ashes or into which grave should we place it and all further formalities

We will assist you in drawing up your last wishes for the act of interment and, when the time comes, execute the funeral service just as you would have wished. All your necessary documents and clothing are then deposited in our funeral home and when the time comes we will take care of everything.