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  • Farewell to the funeral ceremony
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Funeral services

We will arrange for complete ceremony services in funeral parlours throughout the entire Czech Republic.

Bidding farewell to the deceased is an exceptional event and not everyone is satisfied with the traditional funeral ceremony, we will take care to fulfil every one of your requirements for your final farewell.

Funeral with mourning ceremony

this is farewell with mourning in the presence of the bereaved in the ceremony hall followed by the incineration of the body in the crematorium or its placing within the grave. It is your decision as to which ceremony hall you will chose. 

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Burial in the cemetery

this may or may not take place in the presence of the bereaved. We offer a complete range of services related to the burial of the deceased in a grave, including the digging of the grave, floral tributes, a speaker or priest to address those present at the cemetery; we can also supply live music by arrangement.

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Religious funeral in a church or chapel 

should you opt for a religious ceremony in a church or chapel, we will arrange to provide all that you will require - rented catafalque, candlesticks and stands for the wreaths, a hearse or coach, recorded or live music, a priest or official speaker as the case may be.

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Special funeral

we will also arrange any special type of funeral, for example state, military, diplomatic or a funeral for personalities from the world of culture and the social or VIP scene.

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Funeral in a house of mourning

farewell in the place of residence, in a country cottage or other of the deceased’s favourite places (a football field, fire station, etc).

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Cremation without a ceremony

this is a simple cremation without the presence of the bereaved, which is followed by the collection of the urn from our offices. At the request of the person ordering the funeral we will arrange for presence at the cremation or carrying out the incineration precisely at the pre-determined hour. 

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Farewell in the family circle taking place in the ceremony room at ELPIS

Visiting the deceased in the family circle. Informal and highly personal form of bidding farewell in our own ceremony room (in Kostelec nad Labem). 

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Paying last respects to the urn

we will transfer the urn to its final resting place and arrange for a ceremony with the urn.

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