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Guide to the mourning ceremony

  • Practical information for funeral clients and guests

Information for the party who is ordering the funeral

Please arrive at the entrance or waiting room of the ceremony hall, church or other place of farewell half an hour prior to the start of the ceremony

There you will be contacted by the funeral celebrant, in order to go over the course of the ceremony, such as the choice of:

  • music
  • placing of photographs, videos
  • arrangement with the speaker,
  • the decision as to whether or not you wish to take the floral tributes from the hall, or leave them to be removed by the staff, and so on)

Information for guests at the funeral ceremony

  • Be at the entrance of the ceremony hall, church or other place of farewell five to ten minutes before the start of the ceremony
  • Should you bring any flowers wrapped in paper, unwrap them prior to entering the ceremony hall
  • It is appropriate to offer condolences to the family of the deceased after the ceremony
  • If a book of condolences is available you may express your condolences in writing
  • It may be that the family wishes to leave out condolences, in which case do not offer personal condolences
  • For offering condolences you should approach from the right and depart to the left, alternatively follow the instructions of the funeral celebrant

General information regarding the funeral

  • The funeral will last around twenty minutes in most ceremony rooms
  • Church services may last for twenty minutes or more, always dependent on the customs in the given church and wishes of the bereaved
  • If the seating arrangements of the mourners are not clear, the first row is reserved for the immediate family, other guests will sit in the subsequent rows
  • Please switch off your mobile telephones before the start of proceedings and do not speak during the ceremony
  • Gentlemen please remove any headgear (this does not apply to members of the armed forces)
  • While the curtain is closing or during the departure of the coffin it is respectful to stand up (this does not apply to disabled or sick persons)
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