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About us

We arranging funerals for over 30 years now

About us

The team at family firm of ELPIS has been successfully arranging funerals for over 30 years now. The preparation and care of the deceased, including a personal approach to each and every customer is our priority. Our aim is to ensure that people are satisfied with our services and approach and would not be afraid to recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. We have our own refrigeration facility and have at our disposal preparation space as well as ceremonial rooms. We are among those at the forefront when it comes to care of the deceased and not only in Prague and its surounding area. If you wish to give your loved one the best care, contact our professional team of consultants, arrangers and cosmetologists. For a farewell to the deceased at an open coffin we recommend to use a higher degree of specialised care in terms of hygienic preparation and treatment. We are transparent in our provision of undertaking services and we are not afraid to show in what environment your loved one finds himself or herself before the funeral takes place.

Should you be interested you can come to our funeral parlours, where we will make it possible for you to be present while dressing and subsequently placing your loved one in the coffin. We are prepared to meet your more demanding requirements, such as the taking of the death mask, finger and palm printing, embalming of the deceased, reconstruction after a traffic accident or the autopsy, and so on.
We will arrange for the farewell itself and organise it anywhere in Prague and the surrounding area, or even anywhere else in the Czech Republic. For our customers we offer the widest range of funeral limousines in Prague and the surrounding area. We take care that the farewell ceremony in churches and chapels takes place in the most dignified manner. This is why we always go in two vehicles - the hearse with the coffin of the deceased and a technical vehicle which transports all the equipment necessary for the funeral in question, including floral decorations from our flower arrangers.

We have all the necessary equipment for farewells in the family circle as well as for grand funerals to be attended by hundreds of guests. Should it be required we will supply live music, audio-visual projection and sound, a bus or limousine for the transfer of the guests to and from the funeral, we work together with a security agency for the smooth running of the farewell ceremony.
As part of our services we can supply the complete floral decoration at any commemorative event. Our florists and flower arrangers can prepare wreaths, bouquets, ikebana flower arrangements, baskets, floral hearts amongst other items, including the printing of ribbons.

Even in the case of a burdensome financial situation we are prepared to arrange a dignified departure for your loved one. We offer an economical option for a funeral where you can say a personal farewell to the deceased, play his or her favourite music, bring to mind all wonderful moments in a mourning speech. We can also arrange for a cremation on its own without any ceremony. Even in such cases we will take good care to fulfil not only the legal requirements, relating to such as the coffin, the care and dressing of the deceased, but also to ensure dignity itself. That is why we do not use paper coffins and do not transport the deceased to the crematorium along with dozens of others, as is the case with certain other undertaking services.

After the funeral the bereaved can choose from a wide range of related follow-up services. Cremation also means among other things ornamental urns, memorial glass or jewels made out of glass and the ashes of the deceased, the storing of the urn and also any subsequent masonry work.

Should you have any special wish for the funeral service which is not mentioned in our services proposal, it does not mean that we are unable to bring it to fruition for you. Quite to the contrary, due to our personal approach, we are open to your specific requirements and we are only too pleased that we are able to realise a final farewell in line with the vision of the bereaved, in order that they might then have the lovely feeling that they have done the absolute maximum for their beloved.

We are convinced that the services we provide, supplemented by the sale of a variety of funeral items, together with the endeavours of all the employees at ELPIS Funeral Directors to provide a superior service, create a solid basis for the bereaved and mourners to feel that, despite the sad occasion, all went according to their wishes and that their loved one was well taken care of on his or her last journey.

ELPIS Funeral Directors always were, are and we believe, will continue to be in the future, an important company in the provision of undertaking services. The bereaved have the opportunity to discuss the funeral arrangements in our offices not just in various parts of Prague, but also in Brandýs nad Labem and Neratovice, or with the aid of a computer from the comfort of home on Our staff will guide you through the entire process of a dignified farewell, discuss thoroughly the wishes of the bereaved concerning the carrying out of funeral proceedings and will make all the necessary arrangements.

At our funeral directors‘ headquarters there is a department of foreign commissions, also known as repatriations, which ensures the transfer of our deceased citizens back home from abroad, as well as that of foreign nationals who passed away in the Czech Republic back to their respective homelands. The staff at this repatriation department have extensive experience in handling all the necessary formalities and also have a multitude of contacts for funeral directors around the world. A complete documentation regarding the deceased is always handed over in accordance with the regulations of individual countries.

ELPIS Funeral Directors have professional staff and is materially equipped to organise bespoke funeral ceremonies, organised in the main for eminent personalities. In the past we have arranged the funeral of the first Czech president, Václav Havel.

In accordance with Act No. 256/2001 Coll., and with regard to the European Burial Standards No. 15017, ELPIS Funeral Directors will guarantee all that this law requires and the standards recommended for its customers. Above all this means the use of special funeral vehicles and our own high-capacity refrigeration units, our own rooms for the care and preparation of the deceased and the provision of superior facilities. Embalming (thanatopraxy) of the deceased is undertaken in cooperation with our associates. All employees participate in regular educational training to ensure a lifelong funeral schooling in the field.

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