How to order a funeral

ELPIS Funeral Directors will advise you how best to proceed and what should follow in the case of the passing of a loved one:

Contact us on our 24-hour freephone line 00420 602 200 700 

In the event of death occurring in medical establishment or retirement home:

  • The staff at the relevant facility will inform you of the passing of your nearest
  • The same personnel will arrange for the transfer of the deceased person to a morgue
  • Should no mortuary be available at the premises, the deceased will then be transferred to the morgue of the contracted funeral home. This, however, does not tie you to the use of their services. The choice of funeral directors to arrange the funeral of your loved one is always yours!
  • Contact our funeral directors by telephone or visit any one of our branches
  • The clothing you have chosen for the funeral of your loved one should then be taken directly to one of our offices. In no case whatsoever will it be necessary for you to visit the pathologist or a medical facility

In the event of death occurring at home:

  • Call the doctor on the emergency number (155), who will issue the necessary documentation upon examination of the deceased
  • At the same time contact our funeral directors by telephone
  • Should the doctor examining the deceased not require a post-mortem, we will transfer the body of the deceased to our mortuary
  • Have the documents from the doctor ready to hand and prepare the clothing for the deceased person for the funeral directors

Should you require any help or advice contact our freephone line 00420 602 200 700.

Should the deceased‘s body be taken away by funeral directors other than your chosen ones, you are under no obligation to arrange the funeral with them. The choice of a funeral home always rests entirely in your hands.

What will you need in order to arrange for a funeral?

Ordering party‘s ID (compulsory)

ID of the deceased person (if available)

Medical certificate of cause of death (if available)

Clothing for the deceased (as appropriate)

Photograph of the deceased (optional)
  • It is essential for the person ordering the funeral to supply an ID or other proof of identity
  • You may hand over the clothing for the deceased or avail yourself of the funeral shirt (shroud) we have on offer
  • You will not need the medical certificate of the cause of death
  • Should you have any photographs of the deceased to hand, take them with you to the funeral home in order that the most appropriate preparation of the body of the deceased may be undertaken
  • You may visit any one of our branches
Hand the clothing that you have chosen for your loved one directly to one of our offices. It is no longer necessary to visit the pathologist or a medical establishment.

Visit our offices

The funeral arrangers at ELPIS Funeral Directors will be happy to explain everything and assist you with a selection of possibilities for a mourning ceremony, as well as attend to all the funeral requirements. You can call on them in any of the eight branches in Prague and Central Bohemia.

When visiting our branch to order a funeral

  • The funeral arranger will advise you as to the manner and place of your final farewell with the deceased, you will be able to choose from the selection of coffins or caskets and urns, floral tributes, commemorative items, headstone and so on
  • On the basis of your requirements we will prepare a funeral notice that we will print for you on site
  • We will arrange all that is necessary for the issue of a death certificate on your behalf
  • We will advise you on matters such as the cancellation of the retirement pension, health insurance and other issues

You can arrange the funeral at your home
If you have problems with mobility or wish to discuss everything in the peace of your own home, we will arrange all that is necessary for the funeral at your place of domicile. We are happy to come to you.

  • Arrange a meeting at your home by calling 00420 602 200 700
  • This service is free for our customers
  • Our trained funeral arranger will come to you with all that you require, including our catalogues
  • Prices remain the same as when ordered in the office

Alternatively you can arrange the funeral through the internet on

  • 24 hours a day all year round
  • From any place in the world with an internet connection
  • We will forward an order form to you, as well as an invoice for the funeral, apology notices, etc.
  • The preparation and printing of the funeral notice is included in our services
  • Detailed information on other procedures, such as the cancelling of the retirement pension, inheritance proceedings and other matters will be provided by telephone or e-mail

Methods of payment and financing the funeral

Payment in cash

Payment by credit card

Payment by bank transfer

You can make a payment in any of our branches:

  • In cash
  • By credit card
  • By money transfer (before the date of the funeral)
  • By instalments

We are aware that the settlement of funeral costs is a sensitive issue. This is why we have arranged for you the possibility of payment by instalments by way of a consumer loan with ESSOX a.s, a Komerční banka subsidiary. Our staff will be happy to provide you with further information on this possibility.

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