Repatriation means "return to homeland". This involves the transfer of the deceased from the place of death, wherever in the world, back to the Czech Republic or, in the case of a citizen of another state, from the Czech Republic back to their homeland.

Repatriation and all that goes with it place high ethical, professional as well as financial demands on ELPIS Funeral Directors. For the past 25 years now we have been successfully meeting these high international standards. During that time we have created extensive repatriation facilities and acquired a number of important contacts around the world. ELPIS Funeral Directors work together not only with many funeral homes, but also with the state administration and consulates in the Czech Republic and abroad. As a result we are able to offer a complete service including the handling of all the documentation required for the transport, interment or the possible payment of an insurance claim. We endeavour to repatriate the deceased as quickly as possible and to do the maximum to meet the individual wishes and requirements of the next of kin.

We repatriate the deceased  

  • From the whole of the Czech Republic to anywhere in the world
  • From anywhere in the world to the Czech Republic.

Repatriation services  

  • Repatriation transfers are carried out using our special funeral vehicles Mercedes Benz, Ford Transit or else by air
  • Prior to ordering a repatriation we put forward both variants (by hearse or by air), we offer the most economical option.
  • In the case of repatriation by air we will arrange for the bereaved to be on the same flight, including the provision of air tickets, or the sending on of the deceased’s personal belongings.
  • Depending on the legal regulations applicable in the respective country, we will obtain a corresponding coffin with a zinc lining and a hygienic filter.
  • We will deal with the passport for the deceased (permission of the public-health officer), customs formalities, negotiations with the relevant consulate, the death certificate, apostille, translations of documents relating to the transfer and the repatriation air ticket and, as the case may be, air tickets for the bereaved to accompany the deceased.
  • These services may include a funeral ceremony in any place within the Czech Republic, mainly in Prague, the lying in wake of the deceased, cremation, religious funerary practices, despatching of the urn to a designated place and other funeral arrangements in accordance with the wishes of the client.
  • If required we will provide for implementation of embalming and thanatopraxy - the conservation of the deceased.
  • We will store the deceased in our own refrigeration facilities until the time of repatriation.
  • The funeral and repatriation department at ELPIS works in conjunction with insurance companies and assistance services on the basis of a covering letter.
  • We are close to the embassies and local authorithies - Funeral assistance whole Czech Republic

For further information call our around-the-clock funeral counsellor on: 00420 602 200 700 

Why choose us? 

  • Over 25 years of experience including many years of cooperation with major consulates
  • Personal approach to the clients, hotel and transport services for the mourners
  • We speak English, German, Russian, Italian; we use translation services in the case of other languages
  • We are located close the international airport and many embassies and local authorities
  • We work with both insured and uninsured customers
  • Repatriation from the all over Czech Republic to the whole world and 
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