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The price of a funeral is dependent on a number of factors - such as the place of the farewell, the manner of interment, type of coffin, the number and type of floral tributes, the urn, commemorative items and so forth. A complete price list of all our services is to be found at our offices. Generally speaking, funeral arrangements amount to tens of thousands of crowns. The complete price list of all our services can be found at every one of our offices.

We will gladly let you have the prices by telephone if you call the freephone line 00420 602 200 700.

Our co-workers will be happy to advise you in your choice of a funeral parlour to fit in with your requirements, the price of the funeral is determined by you in accordance with your personal preferences. ELPIS Funeral Directors will provide you with a farewell service in a ceremony hall in Prague and its surroundings.

Most frequently sought after places for paying one's last respects in Prague and its surroundings

  • Great and Small Hall - Strašnice Crematorium
  • Central Ceremony Hall in Olšany Cemetery
  • New Ceremony Hall in Olšany Cemetery
  • Ceremony Hall Motol Crematorium
  • Ceremony Hall in Vinohrady Cemetery + Chapel of Saint Wenceslas 
  • Chapel at the cemetery in Ďáblice
  • Chapel at the cemetery in Brandýs nad Labem and Staré Boleslav
  • Neratovice - Lobkovice Ceremony Room 
  • Mělník - Chloumek Ceremony Room
  • Any ceremony hall of your choice throughout the Czech Republic
  • A church of your choice in Prague and its surroundings
  • A funeral ceremony with the coffin in any location - farewell at the graveside, in the deceased’s place of residence, in a stadium, in a theatre, etc.
  • Funeral without any ceremony / last respects to the deceased

Ordering the funeral via the internet with a complete price list from:

ELPIS Funeral Directors has arranged for you the possibility of ordering a funeral through the internet - E-pohřeb - 365 days a year and 24 hours a day from anywhere on earth that has internet access. You will receive a complete order form, invoice for the funeral, a receipt in the event of cash payment and apology notices from . The price also includes the production of a funeral announcement. When arranging a funeral you will be given detailed information on any further steps that need to be taken, such as the cancellation of a pension, dealing with the deceased’s estate, etcetera.

Should you not avail yourself of the funerals offer, we are prepared to provide an individual and non-binding price estimate to suit your chosen form of bidding farewell, ceremony hall, coffin and including all the services and goods of your choice.

Economic funerals 

We are aware that a funeral can be a costly matter. You, however, will wish to bid farewell in a dignified manner. In addition to the wide range of farewell ceremonies and types of funeral, we have prepared 2 types of economic funeral.

    • New Ceremony Hall at Olšany at an advantageous price
    • Funeral without a ceremony at an advantageous price

You may consult with our funeral counsellor all details on the above-mentioned variations for bidding farewell in any one of our offices. All these options comprise a full service of everything that is required for arranging a funeral. In addition to the cost of the funeral, charges in connection with storing the body of the deceased in a morgue, either in a medical

A complete service of all variations of Economic Funeral includes the following items:

  • Basic stained wooden coffin without decoration 
  • Satin covered coffin or casket - coffin upholstery, pillow and blanket
  • Loan of floral tribute (fabric, artificial flowers) on the coffin with the possibility of a ribbon (this does not apply to Economic Funeral II)
  • Transporting of the deceased in Prague 
  • Cremation in a crematorium according to the chosen option
    • Crematorium at Strašnice or Motol
  • Basic urn
  • Ceremony in a ceremony hall lasting around 20 minutes (this does not apply to Economic Funeral II)
  • Dressing the deceased and placing the body within the coffin
  • Handling the coffin
  • Disinfection and hygienic bag
  • Production and printing of the funeral announcement (up to 25 copies)
  • Administrative tasks involved in dealing with the death certificate at the relevant registry office
  • Storage of the deceased in the ELPIS refrigeration facility up to the time of the cremation
  • At an additional fee the service may only be extended to include floral tributes, a speaker and a shroud.               

The Economic Funeral I and II options can neither be extended nor supplemented by further services nor be combined with other discounts. These two variants for an economic funeral form a complete package with a final price that includes VAT and is without any additional charges for the provider’s services.

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